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a guided tour of FlipBook

To learn about FlipBook and its feature set, we've put together this series of videos as a guided tour. To see what people are doing with FlipBook, use the browse link to see some great movies. For more tips and a FAQ, see the help page.



FlipBook has the best drawing controls available for iPhone and iPod Touch, even if you're just drawing one frame. Some of its features include customizable brush and eraser sizes, an advanced color picker, layer-based drawing, and a move tool, enabling you to create beautiful drawings. Use one finger to draw and two fingers to control. Tap with two fingers (touch the screen with two fingers and lift) to bring up the toolbar. Pinch with two fingers to zoom in and out. When you've zoomed in, slide two fingers around the screen to pan around. When you've zoomed out, swipe with two fingers to go forward and back through your frames.




Touch the Play button, and FlipBook starts playing your movie. Choose between varying your movie's speed with the accelerometer or using a fixed-frame rate. If you pause your movie, swipe your finger to change frames.


FlipBook provides two ways to share your movies with the world. By uploading them to flipbook.tv, which FlipBook does for you with a simple touch, anyone with a web browser will be able to see your movie. Or set your movie as private, so that only you can see it. Alternatively, FlipBook can add the frames you drew to your photo library, giving you images that you can email to someone or download to your computer.

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