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about FlipBook®

FlipBook is an Anon Arts product and is produced by Josh Anon. Josh has been developing software for OS X since 2000. During the day, Josh is a technical director at Pixar Animation Studios, and on the nights and weekends, he is an avid kiteboarder and award-winning freelance photographer.

flipbook.tv is primarily developed by Jeff Cousens. Jeff wrote his first web page in the days of NCSA Mosaic and has been working on increasingly complex systems ever since.

flipbook.tv's look was created by Kate Rutledge. Kate made it through an entire semester of art school as an animation major before she dropped out. A lifetime and a half later, she works at home, baby-raising and making websites by hand.

Special thanks go to MartianCraft LLC for their amazing development work and to The Iconfactory for their fabulous icon work.

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